Friday, February 6, 2009

Imported from Facebook

Some of my Facebook friends prodded me into participating in a current Facebook fad: writing "25 Random Things" about yourself then posting it for all to see.

I saw another garden blogger do this. I'm a copycat.

1. I used to hate this town.

2. When I was 14 I went to a canoe camp in Canada and took a 32-day canoe trip. I heard loons. I saw the Northern Lights. I learned one of my counselors was deathly allergic to freshwater clams.

3. I am building a hen house in our backyard.

4. Dr. Spouse and I lived together before we had our first date.

5. Rat traps scare the shi’ite out of me.

6. IPA

7. Emily and I once hiked to a Native American village at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. In a near-tragic jumping-in-the-creek accident, I lost a big toenail. I managed to walk back out.

8. I believe in knowing how to drive a standard transmission

9. I have heard the voice of God. He’s a He.

10. I was the first white person ever to enter the home of Pops and Sugar Adderley, the parents of jazz greats Julian “Cannonball” and Nat Adderley. I was in a wicker basket. It was 1959.

11. I have read the 20 volumes of the Patrick O’Brien Aubrey-Maturin series four times.

12. I actually taught Sunday school. Some of those children have grown into productive adults. No murderers so far.

13. I spent my junior year of high school as a page in the U.S. House of Representatives. No, nothing “happened.” (Perverts.) School was from 6:15-9:45 a.m. Then we worked. $600 a month was BIG money in 1974-75.

14. August 9, 1974 was a great day in American history: Richard Nixon resigned. I was there.

15. When I moved to Austin in 1978, I took the bus. I had three suitcases and $75. I knew ONE person in that town. It all worked out.

16. I spent my honeymoon in the back of a red Toyota pickup. It was Spring Break. The white bass were running on the Pedernales River outside Austin. It was her idea.

17. I have a creepy clown watching over my living room.

18. Toll House cookies are best eaten raw.

19. I’ve run a krewe in the Spanish Town Mardi Gras parade for 20 years.

20. It’s a girls’ world. I just live in it.

21. I was baptized at 37.

22. La Gloria Cubana Serie R. No. 5

23. I don’t get to name all the pets in this house but I do have veto power.

24. There is life after journalism.

25. The farther I go on my journey the more I know that I don’t control where that journey takes me. I have faith.

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