Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Screwing around, cutting up

I've been trying to squeeze time out of the evenings to hammer on our under-construction hen house. These days there's an hour or so between when I can steal home from the office and the time I call "do dark to work." The days are growing but they do it slowly. (I miss daylight savings time.)

I've used weekend time and those "between" hours to build the floor and frame up four walls.

Weather has not always been cooperative and family demands take priority but I'm determined to have the coop and run finished in a couple of months.

Last Saturday brought a bustle of activity. A gaggle of friends. Saws cutting. Drills screwing. Hammers driving nails.

Not one cut. Not one screw. Not one nail for the coop. A full day's work and nothing for the yard.

We were all out in front of the house working on our Mardi Gras float. The annual Spanishtown parade -- Baton Rouge's largest -- rolls this coming Saturday and we used the good weather last Saturday to finish construction on our float. We still have plenty of decorating, sign-making and costume crafting ahead in the next few days.

This is our 20th year in the parade and we're looking forward to setting out with our usual lack of taste and class but loaded with plenty of fun, sarcasm and alcohol.

I'm looking forward to sobering up and breaking out the hammer and nail apron. (Float photos will follow soon.)

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